Request for Sabbatical/Junior Faculty Research Leave


The Department provides research leave to eligible junior faculty members. If you are interested in a research leave, please complete the form below and submit it for review and approval.


The purpose of sabbatical leaves is to make it possible for members of the Faculty to take time off from normal academic duties for scholarly research and study. The Institute's plan is based on the normal expectation of a one-half-year leave at full salary, or a full-year leave at half salary, following six years of full-time service as a member of the Faculty. Implementation of this policy in a specific case may be limited by the responsibility of the departments to meet their obligations and the financial resources that can be made available. Years in which faculty members are on leave are not counted in the six years. Years of service beyond the six-year requirement cannot be counted toward qualification for subsequent sabbaticals.

Faculty members must apply to their department heads a reasonable time in advance (normally one year) and describe their proposals for the use of the sabbatical. In considering whether the request for sabbatical leave can be recommended to the dean, department heads must take into account the commitments for teaching and research in their departments. The final allocation of sabbaticals is made by the Provost. Awards for each applicant are on a no-loss, no-gain basis up to the maximum payment by MIT of half the academic year's salary. The objectives of the sabbatical can often be met by other leaves or by full-time employment on a grant or contract to the Institute. (See Section 7.4 Benefits for Faculty and Staff Membersexternal link icon.)


Faculty members who assume responsibility to care for a newborn child or a child newly placed for adoption or foster care are entitled to parental leave as described in the Institutes policy 7.5.5 Parental Leaves of Absence without Payexternal link icon. Alternatively, faculty may request one semester of full paid teaching relief (or an equivalent arrangement) from their department head or dean. The exact nature of the teaching relief may vary according to School.

This policy applies to faculty regardless of tenure status and gender. Same-sex spousal equivalents (as defined in Section 7.5.2 Other Leaves for the Facultyexternal link icon) and in the MIT Personnel Policy Manual Policy 4.5 Leaves Provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993external link icon are covered by this policy. Faculty members who wish to take teaching relief should request it from their department, section, or program heads in writing, as far in advance of the leave as possible. For women faculty who have given birth, teaching relief is understood to begin after the disability leave immediately following childbirth. The length of disability leave is determined (in writing) by the mother's physician, subject to MIT's right to seek a second medical opinion.

For more information on leaves please see: link icon and link icon

If you are eligible for a leave and would like to request permission, please complete and submit the form below. Questions can be addressed to the Department's Administrative Officer or Human Resources Administrator. Once your leave is approved, your Division Head and the Department's Teaching Coordinator will be notified.

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